Intimate Conversation Book Trailer (1:00)
Intimate Conversations for Couples follows Matt and Sarah's
extraordinary weekend, leaving busyness behind to renew their love.

What is Love - Episode 1 (3:40)
Love can be an elusive idea and even more elusive to experience.
It includes three key ingredients: intimacy, passion, commitment.

Triangle of Love - Episode 2 (3:41)
When intimacy, passion and commitment are present
and growing our relationship deepens into a lifelong love affair.

What is a Love Frame? - Episode 3 (3:56)
Wouldn't you appreciate it if your partner learned to love
you in the UNIQUE WAY you feel love-through your love frame?

Identifying Your Love Frame - Episode 4 (3:53)
Help your partner understand the UNIQUE WAY you
feel loved and vice versa, so each feels cherished and affirmed.

Chicken Soup For The Heart - Episode 5 (4:33)
What Chicken Soup For the Soul is to stories, Intimate Conversations is to conversations. Matt and Sarah provides an encouraging example.

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