Using a fly on the wall approach, the book follows a conversation between a couple, Matt and Sarah, who spend a weekend getaway to rekindle their closeness. As they interact, we see that Matt (like many men) wants sex-more often, more enjoyably, more creatively, more, more, more-while Sarah wants (like many women) to feel more known, more appreciated, more connected, more cherished.

Syrios is not afraid to get very specific about what all that "more" involves-including foreplay, sexual techniques, role play, oral sex plus the balance of partnering in household work, parenting children, thoughtful gestures and romantic time together.

"We as individuals bring a unique and often gender-based 'love frame' into our primary love relationship," says Syrios. "The more we understand and operate within our partner's unique love frame, the more they will feel loved by us and the deeper our relationship will grow in mutual respect and affection. Love includes three key ingredients: intimacy, passion and commitment. When all three are present and growing something wonderful, even magical happens-a lifelong love affair."

The 359-page book includes a series of exercises in intimacy couples can complete in order to more deeply appreciate each person's needs and love frame. Crossover Press will publish Intimate Conversations for Couples in print and in electronic versions on February 14, 2014. Sound like a familiar date? Indeed, it is!

Meet Matt and Sarah. This particular couple is married, happily at times and not so happily at other times. They certainly don't pretend to be the ideal couple. They're a typical couple struggling to figure out intimacy. Some women reading these conversations will see themselves more accurately portrayed by Matt, and some men will see themselves more in Sarah. But most women, I'm going to guess 75 percent or more, will identify with Sarah, and the same percentage is likely true for men identifying with Matt. If you do find yourself part of the sizable minority, though, flip the dialogue, and if you find yourself alternately identifying with each of them, then flip-flop!

The quality of our life has but one measure: the quality of our relationships.

Once there was a man who enjoyed sex. Actually, that is an understatement. He yearned for the sense of admiration a man feels from a woman who obviously likes him and who joyfully anticipates bringing his body inside her own. Since the English language so broadly employs the word love, one could say this man loved making love.

The man's name was Matt, and Matt loved sex so much that he would do nearly anything to experience it...

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